The space for Restorative Justice in Ethiopia Criminal sytsem. Pdf

. Introduction
Restorative justice views criminal conflict as an injury or violation of the relationship
between victims, offenders and community members, 2 and the ‘property’ of those
involved in the conflict.3
It complements the criminal justice system with the aim to heal
the injuries of all parties involved in criminal conflict: victim, offender and community.
Instead of merely focusing on punishment, restorative justice processes contribute to the
re-integrative aspect of shaming. Moreover, restorative justice processes provide victims
a central role in the process and help meet their need for information about the reasons for the crime and the circumstances of its commission. Such processes also allow for the
victims to be heard, which may in turn facilitate their psychological healing process.[wpvideo fRoKpaXa]
Members of the community can also take a more active role in the justice process, which typically involves discussion and negotiation among the parties with a stake in the…

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